ME: in Times Lit Supp

"Little England"

published April 12, 2019
Britain as seen by the world

along with four other letters

Sir, – I am puzzled, as so many must have been, by Elizabeth Roberts’s letter in which she says she is “no Little Englander”. I could take issue with every part of the letter, but I will restrict myself to her belief that “Our system of government is … the envy of the world”. Where has she been for the past two years? Little England perhaps? Despite the constant chorus of “we must carry out the will of the people”, the current government is the final proof that our system of democracy is permanently broken. Millions of people are not, and cannot ever be, represented by our adversarial, tribal system that does nothing but maintain a constant state of war between two outdated and useless ideologies. We need fundamental change: I am only sad that my age means I shall never see it.

Beckley, East Sussex.