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Inca traditions

a letter about the Pope John Paul II ...more

Sports Day

Kicking the Frenchman's Head at Winchelsea on Boxing Day: published 22 April 2022 ...more

Welsh History

a letter about the Welsh's 'impotence' (R S Thomas's view, not mine!): published march 25, 2022 ...more

Get backwards

a letter about dirty Beatles lyrics: published January 14, 2022 ...more

Challenging Christianity

Tom Wright's response to my reply to his letter: published 24 December 2021 ...more

Challenging Christianity

published December 3 2021 ...more

Index links

published October 15 2021 ...more

High-altitude bombing

published August 13, 2021 ...more

Cordoba's Mosque-Cathedral

my reply to David Roman's reply to my letter of June 18
published July 1 ...more

Cordoba’s mosque-cathedral

a reply to my letter of June 18 2021
published June 25 2021 ...more

Cordoba’s mosque-cathedral

published June 18 2021 ...more

Urban renewal in the 1960s

published febuary 26 2021 ...more

jesus wasn't a christian

published October 2, 2020 ...more


published March 13, 2020 ...more

W. H. Davies

published March 6, 2020 ...more

"Alpha of the Plough"

published September 20, 2019 ...more

"Little England"

published April 12, 2019 ...more

James Fox

published January 18, 2019 ...more

three worst words

published August 3, 2018 ...more

Greek Goddess

published October 21, 2016 ...more

Trent Park, Cockfosters

published July 29, 2016 ...more

Rocky Mountains

published June 17, 2016 ...more