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Cordoba's Mosque-Cathedral

my reply to David Roman's reply to my letter of June 18
published July 1
In his response to my letter about the Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba David Roman says that he knows of “no cathedral in the world where Muslims regularly pray … but perhaps F. W. Nunneley can correct me”. Mr Roman can’t have read my letter properly for I didn’t say that Muslims should be allowed to pray regularly in the Mosque-Cathedral. I said that the Catholic bishop had banned Muslims from praying in the Mosque-Cathedral, and I said it more as an indication of the Church’s predilection for banning things. Regardless of what its official name actually is, its website calls it the Mosque-Cathedral and not the Cathedral-Mosque, and certainly not the Cathedral(-Mosque), as Mr Roman called it in his letter. I can only assume that he was trying to make a point of some kind. There is so much ongoing dispute about the Mosque-Cathedral, especially its ownership, I should have thought that as the “former correspondent with the Wall Street Journal in Spain” he might have taken a less partisan position.

F. W. Nunneley
Beckley, East Sussex